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CardVerify Credit Card Verification and Fraud Protection Accounts are Free to Register.

Accept credit card payments for your online business, or even without a website. can help you register a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway and have the Security of all in one. A Merchant account is a bank authorized account which allows you to accept major credit cards, and electronic checks. A Payment Gateway is the secure web based software which actually processes customer order information, address, and credit card number. The data is sent to a credit card authorization network which verifies that the credit card is valid and verifies that the shipping address matches the billing address to transact the order.

CardVerify allows you to create product order forms and general contact forms, that can be created within minutes using our online web form builder.

CardVerify works by accepting your client’s order and credit card payment details via 256 Bit Secure web form, then instructs the purchaser to upload an image copy of their credit card to prove they are in physical possession of that credit card. This process has proven to thwart virtually all fraudulent internet based orders submitted by thieves and hackers as most online thieves are not in actual possession of the credit card itself, just the card numbers and personal information. This simple method of verification has saved internet companies thousands of dollars on fraudulent orders, and expensive chargeback fees. Most customers will willingly provide this type of verification as most consumers now have a scanner, a cell phone camera, or a webcam to easily produce an image of their credit card using one of these methods. This new, yet simple process has been proven to eliminate virtually all fraudulent orders and save companies like yours thousands of dollars. You can also provide a discount to your customers on the first order for providing this verification to guarantee a high verification rate. You can also verify the order manually if the detials look credible and the other security information captured from the customer looks acceptable.

A person only needs to verify a credit card once and all future orders with that card will bypass the required verification method.

You can process your clients orders with the system instantly using PayPal or you can manually enter in the credit card details into and merchant account virtual terminal so this can be compatible with any payment system you are currently using.

Fact: Credit card fraud affects every type of internet business. Every fraudulent order costs your business money, time, and resources. Companies that get too many Chargebacks risk having their merchant accounts hold funds, charge exorbitant fees, and can even close your merchant account completely refusing your business altogether. Each Chargeback can cost upwards of $80.00, not including the loss of your product or services you delivered thinking you had a valid paying customer. With the CardVerify custom order forms your entire online processing experience can improve and you can once again focus on what is most important for your business, your valued customers, and making money.

Types of Industries that Benefit

  • Downloading and Software
  • Online Services
  • Web Hosting and SEO
  • High Volume / High Ticket
  • Mortgage Services / Security Sales
  • Seminars / Educational
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Amazon, Yahoo or Google Stores
  • E-Books (copywrited material)
  • ... & any business that receives fraudulent orders.


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